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Einstein says "Everything is Energy"

When Albert Einstein released his 'Special Theory of Relativity (E=mc2)' to the world in 1905... he expressed it as: ‘m=E÷c2'. (<http://www.edge.org/3rd_culture/greene05/greene05_index.html > para.22)

In stating it this way, Einstein chose to accentuate the 'E'... for 'ENERGY', because what he was basically saying is 'Everything is ENERGY'.  'm=E÷c2' translates as: matter(mass or solids) = ENERGY ÷ the speed of light x itself. And if 'matter, mass or solids' are ENERGY... then 'Everything is Energy', including us humans. So part of what Einstein's 'm=E÷c2' is saying is that everything that appears to be 'solid' is just a different kind of Energy expression.

The scientific 'Law of Conservation of Mass-Energy', which followed up on the release of Einstein's formula, says that: 'Energy is neither created nor destroyed... it just changes from one Energy expression to another... and that the total amount of Energy in the Universe is always the same.' (< The Conservation of Mass-Energy >)

So if 'Everything is Energy(m=E÷c2)'... then Everything is '1-Thing', or '1-Oneness', which means that we're all connected and that we're all 1-Human Family. So what's OUR problem ? Why is there so much strife, conflict, War & misery throughout OUR world ?

The Lies, mistruths and distortions of the Truth, which are our ‘Culturally Conditioned Matrix of Flawed Beliefs' (CCMFB's), are the problem... as they influence how we think, feel, believe and then act, and this is what shapes OUR world.

Chief amongst our CCMFB's is our mistaken notion of 'duality'... or that 'opposites' must exist to balance each other. A closer examination of this flawed belief reveals that: 'Black' is not the opposite of 'White', because sunlight is 'Black' in space & 'White' when it interacts with the Earth's atmosphere... and that 'hate & evil' are not the opposite of 'goodness', because only humans create ‘hate & evil', so if we choose to stop creating them...  they will no longer exist, leaving only LOVE in an infinite variety of styles, shapes and shadings to still remain !

To learn more about how to recognize and self-liberate from our CCMFB's... please read 'transform8tion'.

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